Pere Millan was born in Barcelona on January 7, 1974. He attended the Politechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2002 and a bachelor of science in engineering technology in 2010. Right now he is employed by the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge of Catalonia Government.

He realised during a course about soil mechanics that variations are better understood if they are graphically described. This is how he decided to write the book Graphical methods for quantitative communication. <<While you find yourself writing, many things come to your mind: this webpage is one of them>>, states the author.

Works by the same author published recently:

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Millán, Pere. Graphical Methods for Quantitative Communication



Millán, Pere. Mètodes Gràfics de Comunicació Quantitativa 



Millán, Pere. Métodos Gráficos de Comunicación Cuantitativa